The Trilogy

Michael has created three devised performances inspired by the work of William Shakespeare. The Beginning, an interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s DreamThe Middle, a reconstruction of Hamlet, and The End triggered by a stage direction from The Winter’s Tale, are shown together as The Trilogy.

Fusing an experimental approach to Shakespeare’s text with the company’s personal stories about their first or last times onstage, The Trilogy asks the audience to enter a world where a performance can be a rehearsal, text can be both script and set and they are always aware of where the fire exits are.

“The Trilogy has something for everyone; it’s about the adventure of life and discovery, love, how an artist grows and matures, or doesn’t. It’s a meditation on the passage of time but perhaps more aptly that all the world’s a stage, which should be embraced.” – A Younger Theatre

The Trilogy Programme