The Man Who – Guest Performers

After performing The man who flew into space from his apartment for possibly the final time at Nottingham Contemporary last week as part of InDialogue 2016, I want to thank all the guest performers that have taken part in the project over the last two years of making and touring.

Ollie Smith, Nicki Hobday, Anna Fenemore, Daniel Hunt, James Hudson, Rochi Rampal, Nick Walker, Francesca Millican-Slater, Olwen Davies, Iara Solano Arana, Deborah Pearson, Caroline Horton, Chris Thorpe, Christopher Brett Bailey, Claire Marshall, Emma Hall, Ira Brand, Rachel Porter, Richard Lowdon, Oliver Bray, Niki Woods, Adele Wragg, Jimmy Fairhurst, Tom Barnes, Priya Mistry, Jack. A. G. Britton, Lewys Holt, Andrew Westerside, Rachel Baynton, Aylwyn Walsh, Ryan O’Shea, Krissi Musiol, Rachael Walton, Terry O’Connor, Jessica Latowicki, Karen Christoper, Hetain Patel, Inua Ellams, Tom Marshman, Chris Wright and Chloe Dechery.

Image: David Wilson Clarke