Online Show #2 – The Beginning

The Beginning (2012)

Taking place somewhere between a rehearsal and a performance, dreaming and being awake, The Beginning asks how we might begin a career, a relationship, a life or a show. A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets the music of Serge Gainsbourg in this flirtatious and seductive love letter to theatre that addresses the unwritten contract between performers and an audience. Using objects usually found in the wings of a theatre, the performers reenact a play within a play. Two love stories collide and echo until no one is really sure who they should be playing and who they should be in love with.

Supported by Arts Council England through the National Lottery, The Beginning was developed at Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre, Leeds Met Studio Theatre and Cambridge Junction. Selected for the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2013. Part of The Shakespeare Trilogy (2014). Programme here.

Devisers and performers: Nicki Hobday, Michael Pinchbeck, Ollie Smith
Documentation: Kate Rowles
Chelsea Theatre, London (November 2012)
Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes