The Conductor

New introduction for Concerto at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre:

We met a conductor the other day. He told us we have to breathe with our arms. Let’s just try that for a moment shall we. Breathe with our arms. He said he practises every day. So he can feel it in his bones. He said we have to let the orchestra follow us. Let the target take the arrow. Let it happen don’t make it happen. He said all music takes us on a journey. And then brings us home again. He said all a conductor does. Is listen to the music to create a mood. And the people watching you should get that mood. From what you look like. He said you don’t conduct the piano. You just listen to it. He said when the orchestra plays. It is like a wave is crashing over you. He told us to make eye contact with the orchestra. So they know we know what we’re doing. He made notes in our score in pencil. And he told us to stick to the tempo. Tonight we want to take you on a journey. And then bring you home again. Our journey follows a bullet through 100 years of history. Our journey follows the score. Our journey sticks to the tempo. Tonight musical manuscript will fall from the sky like snow on the battlefield. Doctors will persuade shell-shocked soldiers to play again. An apple crate will become a piano keyboard. A conductor will become an assassin. An audience becomes an orchestra. And a pianist will play.

Image: Julian Hughes