A Seventh Man

In 2020, Pinchbeck & Smith will make a new show inspired by A Seventh Man, the 1975 book about migration by John Berger and Jean Mohr. Using verbatim interviews and photography the performance is part slideshow, part documentary, part adaptation, and explores and explodes the book to mark its 45th anniversary. The narrative follows workers leaving home, crossing borders and facing questions about the work they do and taking medical tests to see if they are fit enough. The cast read directly from Berger’s book as if both narrating and acting out its portraits of a generation of young men who travel across a continent in search of a better life. The piece follows a three act structure: Departure, Work, Return and will be shown in a pop-up arts venue – S.H.E.D. Supported by Arts Council England through the National Lottery, the project is commissioned by Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, New Perspectives and Nottingham Playhouse.

Images: Simon Burrows